Super Monte

Manual For Lost, Found & Around

CHALLENGE: Create a pocket-sized book with insider information ideas for travelers that will promote Montenegro in a new light

> Create catchy and explanatory product name
> Find and collaborate with writers
> Interviews with locals and experts
> Book production and editing
> Art direction and visual design
> Book launch event organization
> Press release & Marketing promotion

> 1500 copies sold
> The book quickly became one of the best selling gifts from Porto Montenegro, the high end host of Super Yachts and jet setters
> Graphic Design recognition
> International press coverage.


From idea to printed book
Concept + Design+ Marketing

Idea & concept / Naming / Content  production and management / Logotype / Visual identity / Layout Design / Graphic & Editorial design / Printing / Press release / Marketing campaign / Event launch party

SuperMonte / Developing an Identity

Inspired by collaboration with Supermarket Porto Montenegro store and years of traveling through Montenegro with expats, Super Monte is created with idea of finding a note from a best friend (who is out of town), leaving you a list of things to see and do.
> Concept and Drawing of a SuperMonte Logotype, Typography and Symbols

SuperMonte / Guide Book Layout & Design

Ideas + tips + insider information easy and insightful content for visiting Montenegro by land or sea.
> GuideBook Cover Page
> Map, Detail & Chapter Pages
> Inside Pages, Symbols, Sections of Guidebook

SuperMonte / Marketing and promotion

Once printed and ready for visitors, we have created a launch party in Supermarket Porto Montenegro and published a press release that echoed through the local and regional media. The book quickly became one of the best selling gifts from Porto Monenegro.

SuperMonte / Promotional Design, & Materials

Along with the Guidebook we created a whole range of products that could be purchased at SuperMarket Concept Store to enrich the SuperMonte experience.
> T-shirts were sold together with the Guidebook
> Other promotional & gift accessories available with the Guidebook