Tačka Povratka

Sharing insights, bridging opportunities.

CHALLENGE: Create modern branding, visual identity, and communication tools for a government supported association Tacka Povratka (returning point). Branding and communication had to appeal to educated professionals of diverse backgrounds whose first stop in connecting with motherland will be through Tacka Povratka.

Modern, sleek design with authentic visual elements and symbols.

Identity Design

Logo design / Visual elements / Stationery / Presentation design / UI UX design / Print Design / Promotional Design / Branding Strategy 

Returning Point / New brand development

Tacka Povratka (returning point) is a government-initiated association created to help connect between Serbian diaspora with its home country. Through various successful programs and initiatives, Tacka povratka has become a trusted and respected starting point for creating and connecting opportunities.
Inspired by it’s name (Returning point) and nature of relationship between home and diaspora we’ve leaned towards Sharing knowledge, experience, skills and connections to create joint opportunities, where association stands has a role of linking and bridging the two sides.