The Ultimate Posture Coach

CHALLENGE: When the founders of Poze came to us they had a product with no name and plans to raise funds on Indiegogo.

> Short, catchy product name
> Visual identity and website
> Indiegogo campaign content and management
> Detailed marketing strategy + campaign

> Extremely successful Indiegogo campaign that enabled Poze’s production
> Raised 15x more funds
> Attracted worldwide distributors
> International press coverage

Branding & Marketing

Branding / Brand architecture / Naming / Visual identity / Website / Marketing strategy / Marketing campaign photography / Crowdfunding campaign (visual and marketing) / World-wide exposure through marketing and PR

Poze / Naming and Brand Identity

Inspired by the idea of changing habits and correcting postures that have psychological and health benefits we chose name POZE. Short and catchy, understandable in pretty much every language and with clear message — Poze was a winner.
> Responsive Logotype, Symbol & Brand Colours
> Brand Elements

POZE / Indiegogo Campaign

Indiegogo campaign outcome:
0 %
Funded Campaign
0 +
+ international outreach
> Indiegogo Campaign Launch
> Indiegogo Campaign & Charts
> Indiegogo Symbols & Illustrations

Poze / Marketing & Social Media

In addition to Indiegogo campaign management and promotion, we've conducted an extensive global marketing and PR campaign, arranged for guest-speaker opportunities in the US, insured press release publications, written content, social networks and paid ads
> Social Media Campagin & Posts
> Campaign Updates & Newsletter

POZE / Web page Design & Development