Cocktail Bar and Restaurant

Create a full visual identity and communication strategy for a new hot spot cocktail bar and restaurant. 

Inspired by its concept, location and combination of modern and timeless Art Deco interior we reinterpreted Neo Art Deco style in visual identity and developed communication strategy that evokes the spirit of the most exclusive glamorous New York bars from the beginning of the last century.


Naming / Branding / Identity Design / Marketing Communication strategy & management

Naming / Logo /  Visual identity / Visual elements /  Web design / Material design & production / Signage

Communication services
Branding strategy / Brand communication and management / Brand content development / Editorials /  Website copywriting



Josephine / Interior & Style research

Art Déco in Belgrade
Josephine Belgrade is a modern version cocktail bar and restaurant inspired by the fabulous 1920s Art Deco style and Première icône Noire Josephine Baker, a superstar in the 1920s. Our vision for Josephine’s branding was to conjugate traditional elements of Neo Art Deco with intriguing and rich history of Josephine Baker and resturant's eclectic offer and give it a modern visage.

Josephine / Brand Identity Developement

Through the choice of color palette, an abundance of patterns and symbols, selection of materials, and high-end finishes we’ve aspired to capture a rich and modern, yet timeless and sophisticated look and feel.
> Logotype, Symbol & Graphic Elements
> Patterns & Branding Material

Josephine / Website design + development + copywriting

Josephine / Photography Direction / Content development, Photography & Editorials

From it's opening in 2020, we have been successfully capturing the spirit of Josephine Baker and creating Josephine's communication presence through editorials, copywriting, content creation, and overall brand management.