Epic Tours

Croatia Travel Specialist

CHALLENGE: Build a brand and develop visual identity that communicates to the Japanese market and tourist agency for the Croatian Travel scene. The branding, identity and communication had to appeal to both markets and bring them together in unison.

We’ve opted for a clean look that can easily communicate across different languages and cultures.

Sales increase, brand recognitions, and candidly positive feedback from users and agencies in the same field.

Identity Design
Web Design

Logo design / Visual elements / Stationery / Web page design / UI UX design / Print Design / Promotional Design / Branding Strategy / Communication Strategy

Epic Tours / New brand development

Epic Tours is a full-service travel company offering luxury corporate and leisure travel services and advisory in Croatia. We strive for client satisfaction by providing the best level of services in delivering efficient, detail-oriented travel arrangements combined with attractive rates.

Epic Tours / Stationery & Web page

Our goal was to clearly define the identity parameters for Stationery and Web page design. We gave the web page a modern and fresh look while keeping it simple to preserve identical appearance in three languages and in different characters.

Epic Tours / Promotional brochure

Minimalistic and stylish brochure clearly communicates the richness and variety of offers available to the target consumer.