Artisan, family owned chocolatier

CHALLENGE: Rebrand a family owned business to reflect its artisan origins, including its commercial line of products, customer store and brand experience, promoting to a new segment of customers, and turning them into a loyal base.

> Complete visual redesign of commercial line of products
> Brand new visual identity for artisan line of products
> To compliment artisan products we invented an experience loop that follows customer from ‘eye candy moment’ to aftertaste in the mouth
> Crafted massaging, channels of communication and targeted promotions

> Increased customer base at thousands at relaunch
> 300% increase in profits
> Published articles about business
> Brand recognition in the industry

Rebranding, Product Innovation & Marketing

Visual identity / Logo redesign / Packaging / Store signage / Marketing  strategy / Marketing campaign and management /  Marketing content management

Boni / Redefining and rebranding the identity

We re-imagined Boni’s brand, visual identity, designed packaging, store signage and created a well-thought marketing promotion strategy that helped Boni become a recognized and respected name in the artisan sweets industry.
> Boni Logotype & Symbol, Graphic Elements

Boni / Packaging Design for Cakes & Pralines

Inspired to compliment the loop of pleasures we designed packages that naturally flow with Boni products and a rich experience. From the moment of opening to the moment of revelation and coming back to sweets, Boni packages quickly became as loved as their products.
> Boxes for Pralines Packaging
> Cakes Packaging

Boni / Artisan shop

In collaboration with architects we've developed store signage to blend store esthetics, colors and brand attributes of the re-designed Boni brand. We coordinated and oversaw photography direction for the brand.

Boni / Marketing Strategy and Campaign

By creating a new strategy for marketing content and production, mixing store and digital promotions, building online presence and creating promotional content we have been successfully promoting Boni since it's opening and have built a pool of thousands of loyal customers and businesses.
> Instagram Campaign and Posts
Following our re-design, we've developed a new marketing and communication strategy that put Boni on top of the list among regional chocolatiers.