A modern face for pioneer of drones in agriculture industry

CHALLENGE: Reinvent company name, develop full visual re-design including platform to increase numbers  of customers and loyalty base through new marketing strategy, content and marketing campaigns.

> New name: Explanatory, catchy, positive and easy to remember 
> Visual identity and elements designed with precision, right balance of professionalism and appeal to wide range of customers: from individuals to large corporations
> New marketing strategy and content production segmented in three groups to cover all segments of potential customers
> Marketing material production: Blog, promotional video , regular newsletters, social presence, conference participation and collaborations with industry leaders

> 3x increase of customers in 4 continents
> 1542 new potential client sign ups
> Large base of blog readers
> Brand recognition

Rebranding & Marketing

Naming / Visual identity / Brand architecture /  Platform UX&UI /  Web design

Marketing services:
Marketing Strategy / Building online presence / Digital Marketing campaigns / Email and digital content campaign / Marketing content development and management

Agremo / Renaming and new brand development

Agremo is the first company that developed a software for  intuitive agricultural sensing and drone analysis platform for drone operators, growers, and agronomists. Its platform provides actionable insights that lead to sustainable production, higher yields, and lower production costs.
> Concept and Construction for the Agremo Ideogram & Logotype
> Agremo Color Palette
> Stationery & Brand Elements

Agremo / Platform + Website + Report Redesign

After extensive UX/UI research and analyses we have developed new sets of symbols, redefined Information Architecture (IA) and existing grid structure, and applied new platform elements.
> App & Web Iconography for the Agremo Brand
> PDF Generated Reports

Agremo / Marketing Strategy + Campaign materials and management

• Naming
• Marketing strategy
• Website content
• Marketing content
• Blog
• Video production
• Social network presence
• Promotional materials

> Agremo Promotional Video & Video production
> Blog on Medium
> Monthly Newsletters

Agremo / Print & Promotional Materials

We aimed for eye catchy, informative yet concise promotional materials that will make Agremo loom at several US and European conferences.
> B5 Promotional Brochure
> A4 Promotional Leaflets