Building a successful brand and promotion takes two.

We are the one.

We chisel brands from a raw concepts to exquisite success stories and craft experiences that unleash the true potential of your brand and enable customers to feel its heartbeat.

We detect your brand’s pulse and raise its brands’ heartbeat to workout mode. Once your brand is in good shape and marathon mode, we deploy your product to the market-run, ensuring not only it’s crossing the finish line, but doing so out in the front.

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes but with our seasoned experience over years and on different continents, we can assure you that, together, we can tackle any obstacle and get your brand or product in top shape.

Irina Simin / Founder / Creative Director

Irina Simin

1. Organizational Wizard

She's always first to make sense of the pre-project jumble and clutter, then makes a neat to-do list that we all follow with zeal.

2. Life of the Party

Everybody knows about those captivating people who bring a special kind of magic to any social gathering – Irina is one of those people.

3. Practical to the Core

There is a beauty in her simple no-nonsense approach to life and work. We follow the vibe she carries and it inspires our projects and our everyday life.

Vjeko Sumić / Founder / Art Director

Vjeko Sumic

1. A bit of "OCD" is Good

Vjeko is always first to arrive and last to leave the office. His desk is organized as if by ruler and his publications always neatly aligned on the coffee table. With Vjeko things are done in a highly committed and responsible manner.

2. Listen, Question, Listen Again

You think – problem – he thinks challenge. For Vjeko every problem has a multitude of solutions, the challenge is to find the best one. In a nutshell, Vjeko belongs to the endangered species of objective, ego-free, easy-to-work-with creatives.

3. Book and Cook Enthusiast

Vjeko is our go-to person for quick, tasty and tested recipes that he often (aren't we lucky?) brings to the office for tasting. When it comes to books, it is safe to say he is one of the reasons Amazon's international hard copy book sales are still going strong.

Nolita / Unofficial Secretary

1. Greets at the Door

Nobody is more excited when somebody rings the doorbell. Nolita is always first to meet and greet into our Studio.

2. Diligent Worker

Sleeps 3/4 of work hours (on average). Gets annoyed with noise and light from camera.

3. Employee of the Month (Since 2016)

Nolita has won every “Employee of the month Award” and “all she can eat” dog snack awards.

Our markets have expanded, methods have evolved, knowledge, skills, experience and client list have grown, but we have kept one core value —

We build infectious brands that evoke unfeigned emotions.